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We like that Health Shield offers such a broad and flexible range of cash plans. They are designed to help people budget to cover the cost of everyday healthcare needs and preventative treatments.

They may, for example, be a good substitute for those who don’t want to commit to dental insurance but still want things like check-ups.

Unlike dental insurance with cash plans check-ups and dental accident cover are wrapped up with wider benefits. These may include things like eye-tests, prescriptions, complementary therapies – such as acupuncture and homeopathy – and physiotherapy treatments. However, the lower cost of health cash plans against private health insurance is naturally reflected in more restricted cover.

The treatments and therapies you can benefit from will depend upon the cover you choose, with a number of options available.

Health Shield’s company health cash plan schemes allow businesses to offer valued yet low or cost neutral medical benefits. Its portfolio of business healthcare plans includes schemes designed specifically for companies with either three, ten or 50 more employees. Each offers different levels of cover to match varied budgets and schemes include employee funded, voluntary contribution and mixed contribution options.

All company paid health cash plans are backed by Health Shield’s Occupational Health helpline and Business Care, corporate advice and support service. Both are also offered as options with Health Shield’s Tailored cash plans.

Finally, Health Shield is a friendly society which means it solely serves the interests of its members, rather than needing return a profit to shareholders.

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