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Offering private health insurance for over 75 years, AXA PPP provides access to some 250 hospitals and 400 scanning centres across the country. It also provides an around-the-clock nurse-led Health at Hand telephone advice line which offers expert support and guidance on physical, behavioural and psychological health concerns.

Swift diagnosis and treatment can be aided by a Fast Track Appointments service. This is an Open Referral scheme which means rather than being referred to a named specialist by a GP, AXA identify a suitable medical professional from its own pre-approved list of medics. This, says the insurer, means you can be seen twice as quickly. Indeed it pledges to get back to you with appointment details by the end of the next working day and reports that in 2015 91% of its members saw an appropriate specialist within just 14 days.

Speedy access to medical advice is also at the heart of Doctor@Hand service which is a benefit of AXA PPP’s Extended Cover option. This enable members to benefit from a GP consultation by secure video link or telephone.

Other member benefits include 25 discounts on health checks and gym memberships.

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