Less Jargon, more cover

We like The Exeter’s no-nonsense approach which includes an admirable commitment to banishing jargon and policies that do what they say on the tin. For example, the society’s Health Cover for Me scheme includes unlimited cover for in, day and out-patient treatment, all stages of cancer, physiotherapy, osteopathy, podiatry & chiropractic treatment, GP helpline, home nursing and more: if it’s covered, it’s covered! The only caveat is that your chosen specialist confirms to the insurer’s fee structure. This straightforward approach means that customers truly understand what they’re getting, which is perhaps why their valid claims rate is so high – they paid 99% of private medical insurance claims received in 2015.


Modular Health Insurance Policies

The Exeter offer a choice of three private medical insurance policies – allowing you to pick something that you’re happy with, These three health plans offer excellent choice to suit different budgets and meet different health concerns. The top tier Health Cover for Me provides ‘comprehensive’ cover without either financial or time constraints. Health Choices for Me is, as the name suggests, a flexible plan which requires you only to decide if you want cancer cover and the level of outpatient and manipulative treatments you want to be covered. Finally Health Essentials for Me breaks with private medical insurance by focusing exclusively on treatments and not diagnoses. The logic is that its treatment costs that break the bank and that this structure enables unlimited in and out-patient cover with the lack of diagnostic cover minimising premiums.

The Exeter Claim Form

The Exeter allow you to make a claim by sending a letter, email or making a phone call – contact information will be in your policy documents. Downloadable claim forms for Cash Plans can be found here.

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