How Medex Protect works

An example of how you might use Medex Protect is:

  • You suffer an unexpected illness, and undergo private medical treatment.
  • You claim for the costs of this treatment on your private health insurance policy.
  • Your health insurance policy requires you to pay an excess (usually £50-£250) before they pay out the cost of your treatment. This is usually not refundable, so is a cost to you.
  • You then claim the cost of the excess back off Medex Protect – leaving you with no shortfalls.


How to Claim on Medex Protect

  • Download the Medex Protect Claim Form below.
  • Complete all of the sections of the Form, and sign the declaration.
  • It’s really important that you complete the section detailing whether the claim should be paid directly to you, or to your hospital/practitioner – Medex need this section to be accurate. Include any details of who a cheque should be made payable to, plus a postal address.
  • Collect any supporting evidence – this includes any evidence that an excess has been deducted from your claim, and is due for payment. Medex will send you a Claims Statement confirming the amount due.
  • Submit your claim form by emailing it to

Medex Claim Forms must be submitted within 90 days of your initial claims letter to your health insurance provider – you risk losing your Excess Claim if you don’t meet this deadline.
Please also note if you have Medex Protect cover through a group (company) policy then you will not be able to claim within the first 30 days of your policy start date if the policy covers five people or less. If the policy covers six people or more then you will be able to claim immediately.
If you have any questions on your Medex Claim Form, you can contact either your Chase Templeton advisor, or Medex directly on 0800 534 5224.

Medex Protect Claim Form

Download the Medex Protect Claims Form here

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