Access to over 750 UK Hospitals and Medical Facilities lets you choose where to get treatment

We like how, whatever level of Private Medical Insurance cover you choose, you will have access to over 750 UK hospitals and medical facilities.

Also, depending upon the level of cover you choose you can also access some facilities abroad. If you are treated within a private hospital you’ll usually have a private en-suite room, excellent food and unrestricted visiting hours, allowing you to rest and recover in comfort.


Health and Wellbeing support with online lifestyle assessments included with your policy

All of General & Medical’s insurance policies give you access to the ‘Health & Wellbeing’ service – packed full of resources to help you live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

These resources include, help to stop smoking, 24/7 confidential telephone counselling, 24/7 GP telephone helpline plus a lifestyle service and online health assessments.


General and Medical believe in the personal touch and assign a trained Health & Care support specialist to all their clients. They do not operate a Managed Care System allowing you and your specialist the freedom to decide where and who treats you, should the need arise to make a health related claim.

General and Medical allows you to stay in control – People First… Always.

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