With over 110 years heritage, WPA is one of the UK’s leading health insurance providers and are widely regarded in the financial services industry as being an innovative, high quality provider with service standards second to none.

Flexible health policies allow you to design your cover

WPA operates in all areas of the UK health insurance market, offering a range of options to enable individuals and companies to tailor their healthcare to specific budget and benefit requirements.

Standards are high

WPA has an ethos of putting customers at the centre of all they do resulting in a reputation of excellent customer service. Underpinning this are International Standards Organisation Accreditations (ISO), ensuring processes are in place to deliver the promises made to customers.

Shared Responsibility can lead to Lower Premiums

WPA is regarded as a trailblazer for “shared responsibility” which allows individuals and companies to reduce their premiums by taking a share of the risk. This can give you flexibility by allowing you to choose a lower premium in return for contributing, for example, 25% towards the cost of any claim, with WPA settling the remaining 75%.

An Extensive Hospital List to choose from

WPA provide customers with the freedom to choose who treats them and where, offering unrestricted hospital lists on the basis it should be a clinical rather than commercial. Customers have access to over 600 hospitals in the UK including BMI, Nuffield, Ramsay and private wings of NHS hospitals.


WPA Claim Form

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