Company health screening by Nuffield Health

We work with Nuffield Health to help businesses incorporate Health Assessments into their employee benefits offering. With some of the most advanced health assessments on the market, your business can stay informed and educated about their health and wellbeing.


Why offer private health screening?

Private health assessments are a great way to promote employee well-being, and identify future risks of employee absences through sickness. They can also help you identify any health problems that might impact an existing or prospective employee’s work performance – and determine how you as an employer might help support them.


Your choice of health assessments

Nuffield Health offers different types of health assessment for your employees, and are open to tailoring their offering to suit your business’s needs:

  • On-site Assessments: A Nuffield Health physiologist will come onsite to you and conduct 30 minute Health Checks to include tests such as Height/Weight, Blood Pressure, Body Fat percentage and urine analysis
  • Lifestyle Health Assessments: A contemporary assessment with a focus on common health issues and lifestyle change
  • 360 Health Assessments: An in-depth, 2 hour assessment looking at your health, from every angle, including an hour consultation with an experienced doctor
  • 360+ Health Assessments: The most comprehensive option, almost three hours of in-depth health checks, including an ECG or aerobic fitness test, plus consultations with a physiologist on lifestyle management


Health Screening is just the first step

Nuffield Health go beyond health screening, in fact they view it as the first step on your company journey to a healthy and happy workforce. Nuffield uses the assessments to identify and map your employees’ medical issues, they’ll then go on to tailor a programme of advice and actions, and suggest corporate health services if you want to take the next step in addressing these.

Why Would Chase Templeton Recommend Nuffield Health?

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