April UK offered a broad range of health insurance products for both individuals and business customers. This included the inSpire plan which allowed April UK’s customers to access a range of treatments at Spire Hospitals.

From the 16th of July 2018 they ceased to accept any new applications for private medical insurance. From this date they also ceased to issue renewal terms for existing customers.

I am an April UK customer how will this affect me?

If you have an April UK private medical insurance policy you will continue to receive cover until your renewal date. However, at renewal April UK will not issue renewal terms. Therefore, if you wish to continue to receive private medical insurance cover you will need to take out a policy with another insurer.

What should I do?

Chase Templeton’s priority is to ensure you have the right cover for your circumstances. Which is why we are working hard to ensure all our clients are offered alternative policies. If you have any queries or concerns about your April UK policy then please contact us.

What if I’m not a Chase Templeton customer?

If you aren’t a Chase Templeton customer but would like some advice on your April UK policy then you are welcome to contact us.  We can try to answer any of your queries and can also compare the whole of the UK private medical insurance market to find you alternative cover.

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