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One reason we at Chase Templeton may recommend Zurich to our business insurance clients is the tools it offers to help companies understand and address their own risk.

It’s Virtual Consulting tool allows clients to identify common risk management issues faced by their business.

It does this by drawing on Zurich’s own claims data to, for example, identify the most common causes of loss in the sector in which a business operates.

The online Virtual Consulting service also provides access to self-assessment tools and other resources. These allow company managers and owners to better understand and address risks their business may face.

Zurich also offers its SME insurance clients access to a risk management advice line. This offers specialist guidance on health and safety, security, business continuity and other key issues which a company may need tackle.

Recognising one size does not fit all, it offers specialist business insurance solutions for SMEs, large and corporate and multinational clients.

It’s also worth noting that Zurich is one of the world’s largest insurance groups. It serves millions of customers in over 170 countries.* This may be pertinent to clients who wish to offer protections to international workforces.

Finally Zurich’s UK business and their employees also financially support the Zurich Community Trust (UK) charity. Since being founded in 1973, this has donated over £65 million to support charities and charitable activities.**

As well as money, the trust also donates its employees time and skills through its Zurich Cares programme.

Beneficiaries of the Zurich Community Trust include Clic Sargent, which supports children and young people with cancer, mental health charity MIND and the Alzheimer’s Society.


* Source: zurich.co.uk/en/about-us. 29.09.17

** Source: zurich.co.uk/zurichcommunitytrust/about-us/background.htm. 29.09.17

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