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Nuffield claims to be “one of the leading not-for-profit UK healthcare organisations” and the “country’s leading provider of corporate wellbeing solutions.”

Its portfolio includes an Executive Healthcare Programme. This is a three-stage assessment which includes a physiological examination and a variety of tests and screenings. These embrace ultrasound screening (to detect aortic aneurysms and, for women, abnormalities in the pelvic area), mental wellbeing, physiological and physical examination, screening and assessment.

We like too that Nuffield’s health assessments adopt a holistic approach, taking into account not just fitness but both physical and emotional wellbeing. This means too that assessments are seen as a process rather than simply a snapshot of your health at a particular time. An initial assessment thus informs a programme of advice and interventions based on an individual’s health and lifestyle.

To try and ensure its solutions best meet the particular needs of a business, Nuffield also offers a range of options, from 30 minute on-site health checks to impressively thorough examinations which include cervical smear, cardiovascular, liver, kidney, blood glucose (diabetes), bowel, prostrate and ovarian cancer testing.

As a trading charity, Nuffield does not need to reward shareholders or investors. Instead it can invest in developing and operating healthcare services for the benefit of those using them.


Source: nuffieldhealth.com 22.09.17

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