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Over 40% of 1,000 employees surveyed across 500 UK businesses indicated they would forgo a salary rise of up to 3% if their employer were to offer them Group Life Insurance or Group Income Protection.

Good for Retention: Employee benefits make staff feel more valued

The Group Risk Employer Research study also found that provision of employee benefits made 44% of staff feel valued, with 40% saying they would be more likely to remain loyal to an employer which offered them a good benefits package*.

The figures also revealed that after pensions the most valued benefits were Income Protection, Critical Illness Cover and Life Insurance.

Of those surveyed some 56% placed income protection among their top three most valued benefits – just nine percentage points behind pensions – 47% life insurance and 41% critical illness.

Employee benefits are becoming more and more cost effective

The results provide further evidence of the cost-effectiveness of introducing employee benefits as GRiD’s Katharine Moxham pointed out: “Offering a package of employer sponsored life, income protection and critical illness cover typically costs just under 1-2% of payroll,” she said, adding that such benefits enabled employers to “play a vital role in ensuring that staff and their families are adequately protected from the financial devastation that death or disability can bring.”

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