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Ahead of May’s general election, medical group Nuffield Health has urged all political parties to make health and wellbeing in schools a priority. The charity organisation is preparing to try out an initiative which will see a “Head of Wellbeing” appointed in UK secondary schools. It is looking for a school in which the system can be tested over a two-year period.

Nuffield Health is funding the programme itself, and will implement it into the chosen school in September this year. The charity has said it will “invest significantly into the school, providing state-of-the-art fitness facilities and equipment and developing a wellbeing strategy, in collaboration with the school, to meet their individual needs and those of their community.”

Once the two-year trial is over, Nuffield Health will evaluate its effectiveness and the impact it has had on the school, and from there it will decide whether or not to pursue the programme with other schools.

Nuffield Health’s Study with 2020health

In October last year, the charity released the findings of a study it carried out with health research organisation 2020health. It focused on the physical and mental health of both students and school staff.

When asked to rank their stress levels from 1 (no stress) to 7 (unbearably stressed), 70% of teachers responded 5 or above – which indicates that the majority of teachers feel at least moderately stressed. In addition to that, 76% of teachers said that their stress levels at work are having a negative impact on their health and lifestyle outside of work. 83% stated that they felt constantly tired.

Health and Wellbeing is important in every organisation

Good health is one of the keys to success in all walks of working life. Company medical insurance and employee benefits are two of several ways you can protect the wellbeing of your employees and demonstrate that you care for their health needs.