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As most of us head back to work after the Christmas break it is time to put those well intentioned New Year’s resolutions to the test. A new year often brings with it promises that we’ll exercise every day, that we’ll cut out the wine and eat only fresh organic food. But unfortunately, by the third week in January, most of us have slipped up as those bad habits really do die hard!


So, why not make yourself a promise that is easy to keep and could benefit you for years to come?


Make 2016 the year that you find the right private health insurance policy for you and your family, to protect the precious things in life. It’s never a good time to be ill, but it is always a good time to start that first step towards your own private medical insurance.


How much will private health insurance cost?

Private Health Insurance can seem like a minefield – How much will it cost? What cover do I need? How do I claim? Just one phone call with private medical insurance brokers, Chase Templeton and you will be advised on a policy that suits your needs, your health and your budget. With expert knowledge and independent advice, your Chase Templeton advisor will be able to answer any questions you may have along the way, taking the stress out of choosing your policy.


We’ve put together this post to help you understand how costs are worked out, but as a (very!) rough guide, private medical insurance could start from as little as £29.01 for a single person aged 21 – about the same as that gym membership that you’ll forget to use!


Join the 110,000 lives we protect, by filling out this short form, and make a decision that will serve you well for the whole of 2016 – and beyond!