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A number of brokers and intermediaries have recently approached Chase Templeton in efforts to sell their businesses. We believe this is partly due to the “climate of uncertainty”, with predicted tax changes and a tight struggle between the two major parties in the run up to the next general election.

We enjoyed an extremely successful year in 2014, especially where acquisitions were concerned – we are now recognised as the biggest consolidator in the private medical insurance sector.

Already this year we have confirmed the acquisition of Bristol-based intermediary Best Health Business. This deal will bring in an extra £1.35 million in API.

Warren Dickson, our chief executive, commented: “Whereas in the past we would be the ones making the running, since Christmas more would-be sellers that have been calling us. We took five calls alone in the first few days in the office after the festive break.”

“People seem unsettled because there is a climate of uncertainty out there,” he continued. “The polls are swinging back and forth, the frequency and heat of the hyperbolic policy announcements is intensifying and speculation about what the next government may do to the tax regime increasing.”

Entrepreneurs’ Relief

The financial press has been focusing a great deal recently on entrepreneurs’ relief – which dictates that business owners pay less tax when they come to sell their business. Entrepreneurs’ relief means that the amount of tax paid on qualifying assets is 10% – as opposed to the standard rates of 18% and 28%.

Warren commented: “The reported cost of this relief to the Exchequer has been growing, within the last financial year a hit of £2.9bn recorded. When you’re looking to cut the deficit it’s an undeniably tempting target.”

“Whether it will survive in its current form under a new government of whichever political persuasion is highly debatable.”

What Does this Mean for Chase Templeton?

We completed 26 acquisitions last year, and are keen to continue buying and growing throughout 2015. We expect our transactions to be lower in tally this year, but higher in both profile and value.

If you are looking to appoint a leading health insurance intermediary, look no further than Chase Templeton. To find out more about our range of services, get in touch today.