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Recent research has suggested that the average UK employee spends more than a third of their time at work feeling overcome with stress.

Performance psychology experts Star Consultancy carried out the study on some 600 employees. The results stated that the average staff member feels particularly stressed, anxious or worried 84 days out of a 240-day working year.


14% of workers feel stressed on a daily basis 

  • 28% said they feel stressed, worried or anxious at least twice every week
  • Over 66% said their stress levels have negatively impacted their motivation, productivity and self-confidence
  • 11% admitted they have never mentioned their feelings of stress or anxiety to management
  • Only 6% said they have confided in management regarding stress and/or anxiety issues


What can be done to combat workplace stress and anxiety?

Thankfully, over the last few years there has been increased emphasis placed on the importance of psychological wellbeing in the workplace. Employers have started to recognise that the mental health of their staff members is just as important as their physical vigour.

Private medical insurance policies ensure that employees across the company receive prompt treatment for whatever troubles them. These PMI policies can include psychiatric benefits which allow workers to quickly receive the help they need when they feel stressed or anxious.

Employee benefits packages are designed to provide workers with a heightened level of reassurance and peace of mind. They can work alongside PMI policies, and include benefits such as:

  • Group life insurance
  • Group income protection
  • Group critical illness cover
  • Key man insurance


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