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It’s important we take good care of ourselves. There’s lots we can do on our own initiative; eat well, exercise regularly, don’t smoke, drink in moderation – we all know the drill. But even the most fastidious fitness fanatic can fall ill or succumb to injury.


So whether you’re as fit as the proverbial butcher’s dog or perhaps rather less athletic, there are many good reasons to consider private health insurance.


Nine good reasons to take out private health insurance


1. Because prevention is better than cure

Private healthcare is perhaps more usually associated with diagnosing or treating illnesses than preventing them. But many private health insurance policies do provide benefits that can help you stay healthy.

These include wellbeing programmes which offer lifestyle advice, such as expert nutritional guidance. For example, AXA PPP Healthcare offers an online service which is designed to help you achieve your own health goals and can be integrated with increasingly popular wearable health monitoring devices.


2. Early diagnosis can get you back on your feet quicker

An early diagnosis can help stop an illness progressing and speed recovery.

Most private health insurance policies will provide swift access to diagnostic tests and a variety of scans at specialist outpatient clinics. Treatment, if required, can then follow equally swiftly helping you get back up and fully running sooner rather than later.


3. Health Assessments and Reassurance? Check

A number of private health providers offer health checks which can provide reassurance that all is well or help you identify potential risks to your health. These may involve physical tests and examinations, or be conducted online.

Most policies also provide around-the-clock access to expert medical advice. BUPA’s Anytime Healthline is nurse led with GP back-up available if necessary.

So should you feel an ache, or pain you can talk through your symptoms with a medical professional, day or night.


4. Recover in your own private hospital room

When you’re feeling under the weather you may not feel at your most sociable. You might prefer your own company rather than that of similarly afflicted strangers on a busy ward.

With private health insurance you don’t have to. Typically you’ll enjoy the privacy of your own room, usually with en suite facilities and home comforts like a TV.


5. A second medical opinion, when you need it

Sometimes, having seen one expert, you might, for whatever reason, want a second opinion.

A fresh pair of medical eyes might reaffirm or reject an original diagnosis, but either way provide you with greater confidence or insight. AXA PPP Healthcare offers a second opinion service as an optional benefit.


6. Choose when and where you receive your healthcare

Not only can private health insurance ensure you benefit from swift diagnoses and treatment, it can do so at your convenience. You can choose a specialist consultant and treatment centre local to you from the hospital lists published by the major health insurers.

Be aware that these lists can vary quite considerably so it might be asking your Chase Templeton advisers about the services and centres available in your area before you take out a policy.


7. Access to drugs not available on the NHS

As well as giving you access to established licensed medicines, many health insurers will also sanction the prescribing of new drugs yet to be made available on the NHS. Naturally these are dispensed only after evidence-based evaluation of their treatment value and safety.


8. Kicking back at cancer

According to the charity Cancer Research one in two people in the UK will be affected by one of over 200 types of cancer. It’s a sobering thought. Thankfully many private health insurance policies offer excellent cover for cancer, with a range of treatments and therapies offered by oncologists at local specialist centres.

Vitality’s extended cancer cover will meet both in and out-patient costs, providing full cover for chemotherapy, radiotherapy and biological, hormone, bisphosphonate and stem cell therapies. The policy will also cover surgery including reconstructive operations.


9. Health Insurance that keeps you fighting fit

It’s in your interest and, of course, that of your health insurer, for you to keep yourself fit. That’s why so many health insurance policies offer discounts to gyms and fitness clubs.

Under its Get Active programme, Aviva offers up to 25% off gym memberships with its offer including access to specialist fitness clubs for women.


Free, impartial and expert advice on health insurance

Before taking out or renewing a private health insurance, talk to the experts at Chase Templeton.

We can offer informed and impartial advice to find the best solution for you – contact us today.