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Have you ever been injured playing a sport? Most of us have been at some point, and if you have taken part in a range of sports your chances of being injured will be even greater.

Playing sports and taking regular exercise is great for your health, but a simple over estimation of your capabilities or the slightest mishap can result in a serious injury that can prevent you from taking part in the sport you love.

For keen amateur athletes or professionals in certain sports, the strain on certain body parts over an extended period of time can result in damage to muscles, ligaments and bones – while freak accidents can have considerably more severe affects on the body.

Our infographic looks at which sports have the highest injury rates and the common injuries that can be sustained in some of the UK’s most popular sports.

Most common injuries in sport

Helping you take care of yourself

Whether you can’t wait to don your skis and schuss down a mountain at the start of each season, or you love the camaraderie and competition of football, it is important that you take care of the areas of your body that are prone to injury in your chosen sport.

If you are a participant in a high risk sport such as football or rugby, and you are concerned about receiving the right treatment following an injury or the long term damage that may occur to your body without sufficient physiotherapy, private health insurance  private health insurance can provide the peace of mind you need.

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