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Recent research has revealed that 40% of UK employers do not offer their staff any health and wellbeing benefits, despite 64% of them agreeing that healthy employees are good for business.

The study was conducted by BUPA, one of the biggest and most trusted names in the private health industry – and one of the many insurance providers we work with.

Employer’s views on employee health insurance

According to the data, 58% of UK employers are of the belief that unhealthy workforces pose a threat to overall business performance – which is less than numerous other countries. Four out of every five employers in New Zealand and Spain associate unhealthy staff with poor productivity (81% and 80% respectively).

37% of the survey’s employee participants said that they think their job has a detrimental effect on their physical health. Furthermore, 36% of employees feel their role has a negative impact on their mental health.

These telling figures suggest that UK companies, as a whole, could and should take a much more active approach in the health and wellbeing of their workforces.

28% of the survey’s participants (who were employees of various organisations) expressed a belief that their employers have an “all talk and no action” approach where health benefits in the workplace are concerned.

Company health insurance boosts your workforce productivity

Whether you are a fairly small business or a larger company, we can find you the most suitable and cost-effective policies. Our aim is to provide all of your employees with fast access to high-quality medical treatment, and also to provide you with peace of mind that your workforce is in good hands.

Our consistent hard work and client-driven approach has won us awards – we were named the UK’s Best Group PMI Intermediary at the 2014 Health Insurance Awards.

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