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According to the Office for National Statistics, 30.6 million working days were lost in 2013 because of musculoskeletal disorders. The Work Foundation report insists that this figure could be lowered if workplace awareness of MSDs is raised and places of work are adjusted to accommodate for suffering employees.

The executive summary states: “Individuals are currently for the most part responsible for achieving satisfactory self-management in the workplace when other stakeholders (including employers, line managers, healthcare professionals and government) could contribute more.”

The report also argues that going to work, or being able to continue working, is extremely important for MSD sufferers, as it brings multiple benefits, including:

  • Recovery and rehabilitation
  • Minimisation of long-term physical, social and mental effects of long-term sickness
  • Reduction in the risk of long-term incapacity

Look after the wellbeing of your employees

A healthy workforce is absolutely crucial to the smooth running of your business. It helps make sure that absenteeism figures are kept as low as possible, while productivity levels remain high.

Of course, there will be times when medical problems arise among members your staff, and this is where having a comprehensive private medical insurance policy can be a great benefit. Medical problems such as MSDs can be swiftly diagnosed and treated, enabling the employee in question to take it in their stride and continue with their work.

At Chase Templeton, we specialise in seeking out business insurance packages that will ensure your workers are well-looked-after. If you would like to discuss things further with a member of the team, you can call our Blackburn office on 01254 504910, or our Somerset office on 0800 018 3633.