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Product – Health Essentials for Me

Private medical insurance

The Provider – The Exeter

The Exeter, trading name of the long established mutual, Exeter Friendly Society. As well as health insurance, The Exeter also offers income protection and cash plans.

What is its purpose? 

One of three private medical policies offered by The Exeter, Health Essentials for Me is unusual in the private health insurance market. It is designed to offer extensive protection against the cost of private medical treatment by focussing on the big medical bills. It does not cover outpatient treatment, consultations, tests or scans prior to the initial diagnosis.

Who’s this policy suitable for?

Health Essentials for Me is suitable for people who would be willing to either use the NHS or self-pay up to the point of diagnosis but would then want the reassurance of health insurance following diagnosis.

What are the key benefits?

Health Essentials for Me is unusual when compared to other private medical insurance policies on the market. Typically private medical insurance provides cover for diagnostic tests as well as treatment for a condition, subject to various limits and restrictions. Health Essentials for Me differs in that it only covers the cost of treatments, not diagnosis.

Crucially, though, that cover is unlimited in terms of both cost and the time treatment might take. The only caveat The Exeter applies is that your chosen specialist conforms with the society’s fee structure. The unlimited nature of cover for treatment is what is striking and may prove most appealing about this policy.

Uncapped cover for in-patient, day-patient includes post-diagnosis CT, MRI & PET scans and outpatient surgery.

A key benefit may come when you compare private health insurance quotes. In return for foregoing cover for diagnostic tests and services, you could benefit from a lower premium in comparison to other policies on the market.

As with all three of The Exeter’s health insurance schemes, you will not be financially punished should you claim on your Health Essentials for Me policy. This is because the insurer does not operate a no-claims discount scheme.

In addition this policy also provides access to The Exeter Assist helpline which offers 24 hours a day 365 days a year access to qualified counsellors who can provide confidential support and guidance on a range of issues from relationship concerns to worries about debt.

To find out more about this policy and to compare it against the whole of the UK health insurance market contact your Chase Templeton adviser on 0800 018 3633.