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The NHS is forever being scrutinised for its quality of care by both the public and the media. This barrage leads many to believe that private healthcare is an irrefutably more reliable choice than the service the NHS is equipped to provide – but is this entirely true?

The issues most frequently raised regarding the NHS come down to funding and the capacity to treat patients in the most need; the severity of this situation has recently resulted in an independent commission led by Dame Kate Barker being tasked to set out a new deal for health and social care in England. Dame Barker’s report outlines the potential reforms required in order to secure the future of the healthcare system.


Comparing the NHS and Private Healthcare

  • Rooms: The NHS usually has shared rooms with a curtain around your bed. Private healthcare offers your own room, usually en-suite
  • Choice of location: The NHS requires that your prefered location for treatment meets their costs and standards. Private heathcare offers you a choice of clinics and hospitals depending on your policy list
  • Choice of doctors: The NHS allow you to choose a consultant, but you may be treated by a member of their team instead. Private healthcare allows you to choose your own specialist consultant

NHS waiting times:

  • 8 weeks wait for general surgery
  • 11 week wait for Trauma & Orthopaedics
  • 7 week wait for Gynaecology
  • 12 week wait for Oral surgery