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The healthcare provider has written to some 17,000 consultants, asking whether they would like to enter into contracts which stipulate that they adhere to a schedule of payments.

A positive move on the whole

Richard Holden, commercial director here at Chase Templeton, believes that on the whole this move by AXA PPP is a positive one. He explains: “Everybody has to contribute to controlling medical inflation and applying pressure to clinical providers will help achieve that. Rather than going for the big bang and immediate and significant savings, AXA PPP is looking to grow this incrementally.”

“It’s not clear as yet whether AXA PPP plans to make this mandatory for all. If they do, high net worth clients probably won’t like it. They won’t be dictated to – they want to be seen by whom they want, when they want and where they want. I would like to see some flexibility so that the Fee-Approved Specialist model is not applied universally, but could exclude those with little personal financial constraints to continue to determine choice of care.”

Client satisfaction is paramount at Chase Templeton

Here at Chase Templeton we are committed to providing you with a health insurance policy that is tailored precisely to your needs. We are dedicated to providing you with a thorough review of the whole market to find to the best policy for your needs and budget. The best way for you to find the best insurance policy for your needs and to avoid any shortfalls is to seek the expert and impartial advice Chase Templeton can offer.

Whether you are an individual looking for private medical care or a business looking for corporate health insurance for a number of employees, we will ascertain what your specific requirements are and identify the most cost-effective and appropriate policies.

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