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PruHealth’s Britain’s Healthiest Company initiative found that 19% of UK workers suffer from chronic illnesses – defined as any disease, illness or injury that’s is long-term, re-occuring or without a known cure. Most company medical insurance policies don’t cover treatments of chronic illnesses, making this a huge problem in the workplace. 

Unhealthy worker lifestyles are leading to workplace illness and abscenes

As well as ascertaining which companies’ staff take particular care of themselves, the data also highlighted how unhealthy many workers lifestyles across all sectors are. For example:

  • 52% had an unbalanced or generally poor diet
  • 20% were overweight according to body mass index (BMI) readings
  • 36% did not get enough exercise
  • 19% drank too much
  • 39% had habitually smoked

PruHealth chief executive Neville Koopowitz said: “With an ageing workforce set to suffer from more lifestyle-related chronic diseases and retiring much later, this is a problem that will only get worse and it is in organisations’ own interests to take action.”

Invest in the health of your employees and reduce workplace abscenes

Ensuring that your employees are well-looked-after and promoting a generally healthy culture could dramatically improve productivity within your workforce and prevent long term illnesses. It could also save the company a lot of money, as absenteeism currently costs the UK economy tens of billions of pounds every year.

It may be an idea to look into a private medical insurance plan or occupational health scheme, as such policies will allow problems to be quickly identified and swiftly treated, preventing future long-term health problems. If you’d like to talk though your company’s options and access free and impartial advice, just contact us.