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Analysts have said that if improvements are not made to community and hospital care and admissions continue to rise, the NHS will need around 17,000 more beds by 2022 in order to cope.

The study, carried out by the Nuffield Trust for the Financial Times, attempts to demonstrate the impact this would have, using the analogy that 17,000 beds would hypothetically equate to 22 of the existing NHS hospitals having 800 beds added to each.

Neil Edwards, chief executive of the Nuffield Trust, commented: “The pressures on hospitals are immense, and this analysis suggests that demographic change looks set to be the most significant driver of pressures on NHS capacity in the future.”


Why the increase in hospital beds?

The study suggests that this increased pressure on the NHS is mainly caused by a population that is growing and ageing at the same time. As the UK population grows, so does the pressure on it’s healthcare services.

The benefits of Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

A comprehensive private health insurance package will give you a peace of mind no longer guaranteed by the NHS. With your own tailored policy, you will be able to rely on your provider for easily accessible and high-quality treatment whenever you need it.

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