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Over their many years of training and throughout their competitions, British athletes have been supported by an extensive medical team, including the Intensive Rehabilitation Unit. This offers sport science, medicine and therapy to aid recovery from surgery or injury.

But what about us lesser athletic mortals? What help can we expect if we take a knock playing five-a-side, or stretch a ligament on the tennis court?

Private health insurance: your protection for sporting injuries

For those benefiting from private health insurance, the news is good.

Whilst for immediate care you might head for your local A&E department, private medical insurance policies will typically cover you for rehabilitative care following a sporting injury.

For example, BUPA’s comprehensive health cover offers outpatient physiotherapy treatment alongside, post-diagnosis and post-treatment tests, scans and X-rays.

Similarly Aviva offers an optional upgrade to its core Healthier Solutions policy so that following a sports injury you can benefit from up to ten treatment sessions by an osteopath, acupuncturist, physiotherapist or chiropractor. The policy extension will also provide limited cover for minor surgical procedures conducted by a GP.

Insurance that helps you stay healthy

Of course one of the best ways to avoid a sports injury is to keep your body in good shape. Like a car, a well maintained body is less likely to suffer a breakdown!

These days many private health insurance policies offer discounted gym membership with a good number providing access to more comprehensive health and wellbeing programmes.

Vitality Health Insurance is a case in point. Indeed the private healthcare provider is currently using the #EverydayAthlete hashtag to promote its health insurance policies. Billed as insurance “that rewards you for being healthy” Vitality policyholders can get 50% off gym membership and purchase half-price bicycles as well as benefit from an online tool which allows you to gauge your own health risk factors based on your age and lifestyle choices.

Discounted health screening and an annual health check are also included as part of a policy, which is as much about preventative healthcare as it is about diagnosis and treatment.

Business health insurance can also help with sporting injuries

British business also understands the importance of staff keeping in good health, not just in terms of the bottom line but in demonstrating they care about the wellbeing of those they employ.

By providing access to occupational health and wellbeing programmes, expert medical advice and prompt access to diagnostic services and treatment, company medical insurance can help employers minimise sickness absence and maximise productivity.

That’s obviously something which will please the beancounters but this is not all about pounds, shillings and pence because business health insurance is much loved by staff.

A survey by recruitment website Monster found that a healthcare plan was the benefit most valued by job seekers whilst another by health insurer Benenden found paid-for healthcare also heading employees’ rankings.

Those findings are hardly surprising given that our own good health must surely rank as the highest priority for each and every one of us.

Sports injuries – sorted with help from Chase Templeton.

So whilst we may not be able to give some next-level athletes a run for their money on the 10,000m track, we can keep those muscles in shape and give ourselves a good cardiovascular workout by taking advantage of a cheap gym deal.

And should we take an unfortunate tumble on pitch, track or treadmill then if we’re protected by private health insurance we can at least rest easy knowing we can get swift medical support to ease our recovery – and “sports injury” sounds so much more glamorous, so much more indicative of a healthy lifestyle, than the kind of conditions which can be the result of inert and sedentary lifestyles!


If you’re looking for private health insurance that’ll help you with future sporting injuries, contact us today. Our free and impartial advice will help you find the perfect insurance policy.