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A survey conducted last year found that just 12% of people had successfully kept a resolution. And why did so many people fail? Lack of commitment and motivation were the most commonly cited culprits.

So how might you become more committed and motivated to reach your personal goals?

Well, we took a look at some of the most popular resolutions people make to see if health insurance could provide a helping hand.


Staying fit and healthy

Naturally enough keeping an eye on our overall health and fitness ranks highly among the most popular New Year resolutions, but of course, resolving to get ourselves fitter and healthier is easier said than actually done. However, the benefits which typically feature in health insurance could help turn resolution into reality.

For example, many policies incorporate wellbeing programmes. This is particularly true of company medical insurance schemes as employers understandably want their staff to be fit for work and so reduce their sickness absence costs . These can give you a much needed nudge by providing you with expert health and nutritional advice. Many also encourage you to improve your fitness by offering discounted membership to gyms and leisure clubs.

One of the key benefits of private health insurance is prompt access to diagnostic tests and treatments. This could help nip an ailment in the bud and prevent your condition worsening and help get you back to full strength quicker.


Losing weight

New Year, new you? How many of us resolve to shed a few pounds every year? It’s a goal so many of us share.

Again, a wellbeing programme can provide great support for those for whom weight loss is a priority. Expert, medically and nutritionally led tips on what to eat and how to exercise in order to lose weight are likely to be more effective than the latest fashionable diets which fill those January newspaper pages.

You might be worried about how your weight could be affecting your wider health, perhaps having concerns that you are at risk of developing diabetes? Health screening can help either alleviate those worries or identify warning signs that encourage you to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Spending less and saving money

It’s not just a physical belt you might want to tighten, but a metaphorical one. Many of us peer into the New Year promising that we’ll manage our finances just that little bit better.

If money, like that belt, is too tight to mention then you might want to consider a health cash plan. These are a low cost way of securing health cover to manage those everyday healthcare costs – things like eye and dental check-ups and treatments like physiotherapy.

Usually cheaper than private medical insurance but offering more basic cover, health cash plan providers won’t normally require you to undergo a medical examination.

For pretty much the same reasons, business health cash plans can be a good choice for employers. They allow companies to offer benefits to their staff which encourage them to commit to regular healthcare checks without significantly burdening payroll costs.


Enjoy life to the full

Getting away from the telly, the tablet and the mobile and, you know, doing stuff out there in the real world – is good for your mental and physical wellbeing. Taking advantage of popular health insurance benefits such as discounted gym membership will not only get you out of the house but help you get fitter. Getting the blood pumping is more than physical exercise, it’s good for the soul. Exercising helps release endorphins, neurotransmitters which help make us feel better. This is one reason why people suffering from depression are encouraged to take regular exercise.

Nature’s mood elevators can help you live life to the full by banishing those feelings of lethargy and procrastination.

Of course, a healthier, fitter you is in any case more likely to want to get out and do, than stay in and don’t!


Spend more time with family

OK, so health insurance isn’t on the face of it going to help you spend more time with your nearest and dearest – and less at the coalface. However companies are increasingly recognising the importance of ensuring their employees enjoy a good work-life balance.

In its 2016 Absence Management Survey the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development found organisations reporting increased sickness absence caused by stress. More positively it found that those that identify and seek to reduce their employees’ stress often look to improve their work-life balance. Indeed the most popular corporate response to stress was to examine flexible working options or work-life balance issues.

Not too far behind in methods for identifying and reducing stress in the workplace were employee assistance programmes. These are more holistic than company medical insurance schemes and aim to provide greater support to staff by including benefits such as financial and family advice helplines. So, if you have a concern about caring for a child or elderly relative, an EAP may be able to help.

Armed with advice and support that could mean more quality time spent with your family.

All of us at Chase Templeton would like to wish you a happy and prosperous 2017 – and all the best in keeping your New Year resolutions!