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Generally, it is good to be optimistic, especially in the workplace. It is the type of outlook you want your office to have as an employer, as it helps maintain a positive atmosphere. Optimism is crucial to succeeding in tough tasks and difficult times.

However, where your employees’ health and wellbeing is concerned, it is best to be realistic as opposed to optimistic. This allows you to better look after their health needs. “They’ll be okay” is not really the right outlook here.

As an employer, you should ensure that your employees are properly looked after.

University of Cambridge says many UK workers overestimate their personal health

Many UK workers think they are healthier than they really are, according to new research conducted by the University of Cambridge and VitalityHealth (formerly known as PruHealth).

Worryingly, 51% of workers who are at risk of developing serious health problems believe their health is ‘good’ or ‘very good’.

Is the rising retirement age having an impact?

Many organisations rely on older employees. These workers have a great deal of experience in their roles and bring a certain level of assurance to their employers. On top of that, they are often instrumental in the training and mentoring of younger staff.

However, as we get older, our reliance on medical care increases. Recent research has indicated that the UK’s average retirement age is on the rise, so it is crucial that employers reassure their older workers and help to provide for their health needs as they continue working.

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