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A handy jargon buster to help you understand some health insurance terminology.



This is all types of insurance that protect people against loss or damages from specific risks – e.g. car insurance, home insurance, building insurance etc.


Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a health condition where anxiety is persistent with the sufferer being unable to relax, is restless and suffers from ongoing feelings of trepidation.

Find out more about GAD and Health Insurance.


A ‘Group Policy’ is any insurance policy offered by a company covering more than one employee, usually paid for by the employer.

Group Policies are often a core feature of corporate Employee Benefits packages, and are typically brought in bulk to make the cover more cost effective for the employer.

Group policies can include Group Health Insurance, Group Dental Insurance, Group Cash Plans, Group Risk Benefits and more.


Group Risk benefits are a form of employee benefit offered by the employer, which can provide protection for employees.

The term can include Group Life Insurance, Group Income Protection, Group Critical Illness Cover and more.