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Q: Will the insurance company reassess my medical history at renewal?

If you decide to stay with the same insurer on the same underwriting then your insurance company wouldn’t normally need to reassess your medical history.


At Chase Templeton we compare your needs against everything the health insurance market has to offer on an annual basis. Often we find that there’s another insurer or policy which could better meet your needs or we could offer you a saving on your premiums.


If we recommend for you to switch insurers or policies then you will need to provide details of your medical history. The extent of the information you will need to provide will often vary depending on the insurer or the type of underwriting you opt for.

I don’t want to complete a medical questionnaire – what type of underwriting is best for me?

For example, if you take out a fully medically underwritten (FMU) policy then you will need to provide your medical history before your policy inception date. Often this means you will need to fill in a full medical questionnaire. The advantage of this underwriting is you will receive a clear explanation, from the start of your policy, of your cover and exclusions.


Alternatively, if you are looking at moratorium underwriting then you will not need to fill out a medical questionnaire. This type of policy will automatically exclude certain pre-existing conditions. This is normally for a period of five years since you have had symptoms of, or been treated for a medical condition. If you have had the policy for two years and you have been clear of the medical condition for two years then you will usually be eligible for cover subject to the policy terms and conditions.

There are other types of underwriting which you may wish to consider, but if you do not want to fill in any medical forms then you should consider moratorium underwriting. However, you should always be honest about your medical history, if you do not declare it accurately then your insurer may decline a claim.