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Q: Will I be covered for pregnancy?

Most UK based health insurance policies do not cover pregnancy. Although on a UK based policy complications arising from pregnancy may be covered.


However should you suffer health complications as a result of pregnancy, these may be covered. Again, what is covered and what is not will depend upon the insurer and policy chosen. Conditions which might be covered would include eclampsia and pre-eclampsia, ectopic pregnancy, gestational diabetes, a hydatidiform mole (tissue mass in the womb preventing foetal development) and still birth.

I have an international policy, can I get maternity cover?

International policies tend to offer more cover than UK policies. UK based health insurance normally covers treatments for acute conditions. Emergency treatment and maternity care are usually provided by the NHS. Whereas when you purchase an international health insurance policy you often have the option to add maternity care.


If you are thinking of purchasing international insurance to cover your pregnancy then you may also need to consider any waiting periods which your insurer may impose. So, you may need to wait for a period of time between taking out your policy and becoming pregnant if you want maternity cover.


Can I self-pay for private maternity treatment?

If you are looking for private maternity treatment in the UK you may need to self-pay. This means you will need to fund your private care out of your own pocket.


If you are interested in a fully private care package during labour then you will need to pay between £2,000 and £5,000 and you will also need to consider the cost of any extras such as anesthetist fees. It is also worth bearing in mind that fully private maternity hospitals are not widely available in the UK and most are based in the London area.