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Q: When I claim will I have to pay for treatment and then claim the money back?

Invoices from your private consultant or hospital are normally settled directly by your insurance provider.

4 steps to making a health insurance claim

1. When you are unwell, visit your GP as you would normally and if required you will be referred for further assessment, tests or treatment.

If this is a private GP, the costs are typically not covered by your insurance company at this point.


2. At this point you get in touch with your insurance providers.

You explain what the situation is, and the insurers will check whether your next steps will be covered under your policy.


3. You continue to have your diagnosis, tests or treatments.

If any changes are made to your treatment plan, or if the cost of your medical bill changes, just get back in touch with your insurer to inform them.


4. Your insurer settles the medical bill. Most consultants and hospitals send the bill directly to the insurance company, but if it comes to you first they can forward a copy on.


Questions about making a claim?

If you have any questions about the claims process, you’re always welcome to get in touch with your Chase Templeton advisor, who can help you through the next steps.

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