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Q: When can I claim on my Private Medical Insurance?

Private Medical Insurance (or PMI) allows you swift access to medical care and attention.

Claims are usually made on Medical Insurance after you have received medical treatment, however it is vitally important to inform your insurer of an impending claim at the earliest opportunity.

Example PMI claim

For example you may become ill and visit your GP.

  1. Your GP may recommend that you see a specialist, at this stage you should inform your GP that you have health insurance. If your GP refers you to a private specialist then you must inform your insurer at this stage.
  2. Your insurer will then check whether your referral is covered under your policy and whether possible subsequent treatments are also covered.
  3. After you receive the go ahead you can then access your consultation and treatment.
  4. In most cases your insurer will then deal directly with your consultant or your private hospital to settle fees, and will contact you to take payment for your policy excess.

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