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Q: When can I claim on my Dental Insurance?

Depending on the type of Dental Insurance policy you have, you would normally make a claim on your policy after you have received treatment.

For example, you may visit your dentist for a check-up and be advised that you require additional treatment, for a filling or root canal.

At this point, you would contact your Dental Insurance insurance provider, and check that this is covered by your policy. After you receive the go-ahead, you access your treatment and care. In many cases, your insurance provider would then deal directly with your dentist in settling fees, and would only contact you to take payment for your policy excess. However, depending on your dentist and insurer you may be required to pay for your treatment and then seek reimbursement from your insurer.


Why could Dental Insurance claims be rejected or fail?

Dental Insurance claims could be rejected or denied by insurers for these reasons:

  1.    Non-Disclosure

This term means that the insurance providers did not receive all the information they needed to pay out on a claim. There are a few types of non-disclosure; a person could leave out vital information on their claim form, a person could fail to disclose a pre-existing medical condition meaning that the policy wasn’t accurate when it was taken out, or a person could even be caught submitting a fraudulent claim.

  1.    Conditions not met

This is when the treatment or care a person is claiming for is not covered by their Dental Insurance policy and this is the reason why it’s so important to understand what your policy includes when you take it out.


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