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Q: What will Health Insurance not cover?

Health insurance is designed to help you access private planned treatment and care. It is an insurance product and a ‘risk’ to the providers, who want to ensure they can always manage to pay for your treatments.


It’s really important that before your take out any type of insurance policy, you fully understand what is and isn’t covered. As a rule of thumb, insurance policies will list in their documents the things they do cover – anything not on that list is likely to be excluded.


Typically health insurance policies will not cover you for…

Serious, costly or long-term conditions:

  • AIDS/HIV Pandemic or epidemic disease
  • Intensive care (other than in some specific circumstances)
  • Overseas treatment and repatriation
  • Chronic conditions


Common or ‘Lifestyle’:

  • Treatments relating to ageing, puberty and menopause
  • Treatment to correct eyesight (eg long or short sight)
  • Birth control, conception, sexual problems and sex changes
  • Physical aids and devices
  • Pregnancy, maternity care and childbirth
  • Convalescence, rehabilitation and general nursing care
  • Screening, monitoring and preventative treatment
  • Cosmetic, reconstructive or weight loss treatment
  • Sleep problems and disorders
  • Injuries from extreme sports
  • Self-inflicted injuries
  • Alcohol and substance abuse



  • Allergies or allergic disorders
  • Learning difficulties, behavioural and developmental problems
  • Any diagnostics or treatment not recommended by a GP


Exceptions to policy exclusions

The world of health insurance is vast and there are usually policies that make exceptions to these rules, or will cover you at an additional premium. We suggest you talk to our team if you’re looking for cover for a certain condition.

Does health insurance cover emergency treatments?

The majority of policies will not cover emergency treatments, yet may cover private rooms within NHS hospitals, or recovery from emergency treatments.

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