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Q: How often can I claim?

You can claim as often as is necessary subject to the Terms and Conditions of your policy.

If you are thinking about making a claim on your policy then it is important to seek approval from your insurer before going ahead with treatment. If you do not have approval before you receive treatment then there is a that risk your insurer may not approve your claim and may not pay for your treatment. This could leave you with a large bill to pay.

Chase Templeton looked into the cost of private medical bills and reported the total cost of surgery, such as a knee replacement, could come to over £16,000. So it is well worth checking whether your treatment is covered before going ahead.

How do I claim on my insurance policy?

Unless you have received alternative instruction from your insurer then you must follow this process:

1. Contact your GP

2. Gain authorisation from your insurer

3. Secure a diagnosis

4. Get treatment

5. Keep your insurer informed about any additional treatment or follow ups

More details can be found on our page – How to Claim on Healthcare Insurance

If you need any more help with your insurer’s claims process or would further advice about what is covered by your policy then please contact us.