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Q: Does health insurance cover me abroad?

Unless you have taken out an international health insurance or European health insurance policy, usually not.

If you are not covered when travelling overseas we would strongly recommend taking out separate travel insurance which includes extensive cover for medical fees and assistance.


Do I need health insurance abroad?

It’s important to understand the health services available in the different areas you travel through.

Whilst you may receive free healthcare in some EU countries if you carry an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) other countries may require you to pay the full cost of all treatments yourself, which can quickly add up.


For example, emergency treatment for a broken arm in Spain could cost up to £11,000. Plus the average cost of medical treatment in the US is just under £5000. Compared to these high prices, travel or international health insurance seems a very sensible option.


Which health insurance policies do cover me abroad?

Some providers do offer international health insurance (both European and outside the EU) as an optional extra on your policy.

Talk to your Chase Templeton adviser to see your options.

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