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Q: Can I transfer from an International Plan to a UK-based policy?

If you have been working or living abroad and wish to return to the UK you may be considering changing from an international to a UK health insurance plan.

What’s the difference between international health insurance and UK health insurance?

International health insurance plans tend to be more comprehensive than UK based health insurance. This is because in the UK health insurance is designed to cover acute and medically necessary health conditions. These policies provide access to speedy treatment and provide choice of where treatment will be provided. Normally in the UK other medically necessary care will be provided by the NHS. This would typically include:

  • Emergency treatment and care
  • Treatment for chronic conditions
  • Maternity treatment – although some may decide to self-pay for private maternity services.

Whereas, when purchasing international insurance you may have the option to add maternity and emergency care to your plan.

In addition, depending on which country you are living in, you may find that it is mandatory to have health insurance. Whereas, in the UK it is not mandatory for British citizens to have health insurance.

How do I change my health insurance from an international to a UK based plan?

You may be able to change your plan on a switch basis, however this will depend on the terms and conditions stipulated by your insurer. So it is worth talking through your options with your adviser who will be able to recommend the best policy for your circumstances.